Bitcoin SV [BSV] emerges as top gainer with 11% growth; Tron [TRX] continues massive fall

The cryptocurrency market has been bleeding for the past few days now, but the wind has changed the direction of the tide for BSV. The coin which outperformed every major coin in the list, Tron [TRX], is struggling as the market is coming back to normalcy, whereas Bitcoin SV [BSV], the tenth-largest coin, appears to be pumping for the past few hours.

Source: Trading View

At the time of press, the tenth-largest coin, Bitcoin SV [BSV], saw a huge hike in the past few hours. The coin registered a growth of 11.50% over the past 24 hours and is still pumping with growth by 3.55% over the hour. The coin had been severely wounded in the bearish market but is avenging itself. The coin reported a dip of 5.54% over the past week.

As per CoinMarketCap, the coin was majorly traded on Bit-Z, with a trading volume of $ 36 million with the BCHSV/BTC pair. Binance registered a trading volume of $13 million with the BCHSV/USDT pair, while UPbit noted a volume of $10 million with the BSV/KRW pair.

Source: Trading View

The ninth-largest coin, Tron [TRX], was seen pumping for the past few days and had a staggering fall on January 10, after which the coin tried to make a recovery. However, on January 12, the coin is seen to have fallen head first in the bear’s attack.

At the time of press, the coin was valued at $0.0233, with a market cap of $1.5 billion. The coin had registered a 24-hour trading volume of $290 million, with a massive fall of 10.14% over the past day. The coin which was pumping a few days back, has a growth percentage of just 4.25% over the past week, and continues to fall by 1.86% in an hour.

The coin registered huge trading volume on UPbit, with a volume of $38.3 million with the TRX/KRW pair. The coin was traded highly on Binance with two different base pairs. TRX/USDT pair registered a trading volume of $38.1 million while the TRX/BTC pair noted a volume of $31 million.

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