Here’s How TRON And BitTorrent Are Changing The Way Crypto Advertises

Crypto is a huge industry, with a market cap in excess of $2 billion, and it’s developing and growing all the time. As it becomes more mainstream and widely acknowledged, the advertising wing of this industry is bound to find itself with a lot to do.

Spreading the word, raising awareness, and promoting new products is vital for the success of any industry, but for crypto, it’s especially important. That’s because it’s so new, and has struggled with plenty of (often completely undeserved) bad press in the past.

Now, the peer-to-peer file sharing giant BitTorrent is providing a great opportunity for crypto companies by allowing them to use its advertising network.

The news follows the acquisition of BitTorrent by TRON (TRX), a blockchain company committed to changing the way the web works by paving the way for wider decentralization. Now BitTorrent’s and uTorrent’s doors are open to crypto companies who want to advertise their projects and services through Bitmedianetwork.

It’s big news because, with 100 million monthly users and 45 million daily users, BitTorrent comes with a ready-made massive audience. On top of that, it’s an audience of mostly young, tech-savvy people with a good understanding of decentralization and a respect for its value.

This means crypto companies could gain access to a goldmine of potential customers and seriously increase their reach.

Of course, the opportunity isn’t open to just anyone. BitTorrent will be screening applicants and only allowing established crypto companies with a good track record.

The founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun, is excited for the project. He said:

“With the official release of µTorrent Web, our next generation BitTorrent protocol client, we are driving stronger engagement, which is growing the supply of our premium display and video placements.” He added, “When leading crypto businesses think about driving global awareness for their projects, we hope they include BitTorrent in their overall advertising strategy.”

His optimism isn’t unwarranted, either. The move helps crypto and blockchain as an industry to gain much more exposure and target millions of potential users and customers. As well as helping individual companies, blockchain and its associated concepts are likely to benefit from the move.

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