Kraken affirms that it pays some of its employees in Bitcoin [BTC]

Kraken, one of the most popular exchanges in the crypto-verse, recently affirmed that they have been giving Bitcoin [BTC] as salaries to some of its employees. Sources claimed that the move was the next big thing in the market as it might evolve to become the next major trend in the modern economy.

Kraken made the affirmation on a Twitter thread by Peter Schiff, a popular gold advocate:

“Nobody would want to be paid in Bitcoin. There is no way that people are going to work for salaries paid in Bitcoin.”

Replying to this, Kraken’s official Twitter handle said that this was not true as some of its employees were being paid in Bitcoins. The post further added that in April, 250 employees were reportedly paid in Bitcoin.

The exchange said:

“More employees are opting for crypto every month.”

Kraken’s reply in full:

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