Robert De Niro's Trump insults making him 'more insane' than 'Taxi Driver' character: Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn on Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump rant

Actor Robert De Niro calls Trump a ‘wannabe gangster’; columnist Mark Steyn reacts on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

As Robert De Niro continues to publicly criticize President Trump, he is becoming more "insane" than the iconic character he played in the film "Taxi Driver," conservative commentator Mark Steyn said.

De Niro was honoring fellow actor Al Pacino at the American Icon Awards on Sunday when he turned his attention to the president.

"The individual who currently purports to lead America is not worthy of any tribute," De Niro said in a clip aired Monday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "Unless, you think of this impeachment and imprisonment as a sort of tribute - and that's how you can make America great again."

"Robert De Niro lives better than 99.99 percent of people in the entirety of human history have ever lived, and he cannot accept that a close election in a 50-50 country didn't go his way," Steyn said on the program.

Steyn said De Niro's public criticisms of Trump are becoming "ridiculous."

Host Tucker Carlson played several clips of De Niro, including one in which he explained why he previously said he wanted to "punch [Trump] in the face".

"This is beyond derangement. He has actually become more insane than Travis Bickle in 'Taxi Driver'," Steyn said.

Bickle, De Niro's character in the 1976 Martin Scorsese film, is a lonely and depressed Marine veteran from the Vietnam era, who picks up a job as a cabbie in New York City.

Steyn suggested that instead of an American Icon Award, there should be a "Best Cranky, Embittered Grandpa 40 Years Past His Acting Best" award.

"[De Niro] would be a shoo-in for that," Steyn said.

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