Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Support Level at $3,550 Weakening After Volatile Weekend

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently coming off of an incredibly volatile weekend where it surged to highs of $3,750 on Saturday before retracing to lows of $3,550 on Sunday. Although nothing fundamental drove this volatility, it is now becoming increasingly common to see volatility over the weekends, which is primarily due […]

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3 Scariest Technologies From Black Mirror That Are Being Developed Right Now

Netflix’s Black Mirror is a futuristic action packed series that highlights how certain technologies can affect our every day lives. Whether it’s as simple as having ratings for each person, or as complicated as copying someone’s consciousness and turning them into personal assistants, Black Mirror will both terrify and intrigue […]

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Pompliano: Bitcoin Could Fall Under $3,000, But It Remains Non-Correlated

As traditional equities have plummeted in value, especially Nasdaq-based technology stocks, interestingly, so has the Bitcoin (BTC) market. This seeming correlation was most recently exemplified by crypto’s tumble on Christmas Eve, as BTC fell from $4,200 to $3,800 as industry commentators were claiming that a “Santa Claus rally” was nigh. […]

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