Ripple-Saudi British Bank partnership, Tron DApp Weekly Report, Bitcoin regains market dominance, and more

DAILY CRYPTO NEWS – APRIL 27, 2019 1) India’s HDFC Bank ‘threatens’ crypto-customers: The Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd [HDFC], the largest private lender in India has been ramping up its efforts in opposition of the country’s cryptocurrency industry by disseminating “threatening” e-mails to those users who purchased cryptocurrencies. Read […]

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Santander Bank Gets Confused With XRP and Ripple

The recognized financial institution Santander announced on Twitter on March 23 that they are using XRP for international payments. Nonetheless, the bank confused Ripple with XRP. In another tweet, they explained that they were confused and that they provided incorrect information. Santander Confuses XRP and Ripple During the last year, […]

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U.S Treasury Adds Russian Bank To Sanctions For Petro Involvement

Evrofinance Mosnarbank, a Russian-based bank, has found itself on the blacklist books of the United States Treasury Department after it got too close with Venezuela’s state-backed cryptocurrency, Petro. In a press release, The Treasury Department has divulged information indicating that the financial institution was willing to offer financial aid towards […]

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