Iran Edges Closer to Launching a National Cryptocurrency

The Iranian authorities continue to press ahead with their plans to develop a national cryptocurrency with the state-led project said to be in its final stages. The digital currency is based on Hyperledger’s Fabric Platform technology, and has been developed by the Iranian technology company Informatics Services Corporation (ISC). The unnamed […]

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Blockchain to Combat Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

In an effort to fight modern slavery in supply chains, major companies are exploring and experimenting with blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Ascertaining whether products especially minerals including cobalt, gold, copper, etc., are obtained and produced decently is very hard when it comes to supply chains since it is […]

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Limitations Blockchain, Token and Cryptocurrency Owners Face

Various people participating in the blockchain industry claim that blockchain technology is being overhyped and vaunted, when actually, it has limitations and is also unsuitable for many digital interactions and connections. In this lucrative, big and nascent blockchain industry, a wide number of tokens and cryptocurrency owners are facing different […]

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