3 Scariest Technologies From Black Mirror That Are Being Developed Right Now

Netflix’s Black Mirror is a futuristic action packed series that highlights how certain technologies can affect our every day lives. Whether it’s as simple as having ratings for each person, or as complicated as copying someone’s consciousness and turning them into personal assistants, Black Mirror will both terrify and intrigue […]

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Spencer Bogart maintains BTC Price forecast of $50k, Says Now is a "fantastic buying opportunity"

In a recent talk with CNBC during the ‘Fast Money’ segment, Spencer Bogart, a co-founder and managing partner of Bitcoin Capital discussed the positive side of the present crypto bearish market. Bogart who has been a great promoter of the crypto space stated that the present downward slide in bitcoin […]

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Bitfinex and Ethfinex Now Lists Six Different Stablecoins | BTCMANAGER

Bitfinex and Ethfinex, two leading digital asset exchanges, now enable clients to trade all six major stablecoins on both exchanges in an attempt to create coin agnostic platforms, the companies announced in a Medium post on December 4, 2018. Six Stablecoins Now Available for Trading on Bitfinex Starting on December […]

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