Bitcoin Fundamentals Should Remain Positive During 2019 According to Fundstrat Global

During 2018, Bitcoin (BTC) and virtual currencies have experienced a price decrease that affected the whole market. However, Bitcoin’s fundamentals continued to grow. Despite the bear market, Bitcoin achieved interesting growth in many different areas. According to Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee, Bitcoin will experience 9 incremental improvements in the network. Thomas […]

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Bitcoin [BTC] price moving below $3000 could spell “catastrophic scenario”, might remain there for years to come

Nick Core, the President and Founder at Ecosystems LLC, recently appeared in an interview to speak about a possible recovery and capitulation levels for Bitcoin. His calls were based on the market cycle observed in the bear market between 2014 to 2015, which is said to have similar patterns to […]

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Investors Defy Crypto Market Correction to Remain Optimistic | BTCMANAGER

According to a September 6, 2018 report in Business Wire, investors are still generally keen on investing in cryptoassets over the coming year despite the general crypto market downturn. This is one of a number of insights presented in the Mid-Year Cryptocurrency and Blockchain survey by SharesPost. Unchanged Optimism As […]

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