Thailand Develops Blockchain Tech for E-Voting

Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), a government organization responsible for information and communication development activities, has developed a blockchain technology for e-voting, according to a report by the Bangkok Post. The technology combines e-voting in close groups and traditional voting. When 5G is adopted, all voters will […]

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Coinbase CTO Believes Cryptocurrencies Are Entering Tech Mainstream

Balaji Srinivasan, the CTO at Coinbase, believes that digital currencies are entering the tech mainstream. This is despite the over 70 percent correction that has been witnessed in the market in 2018. Crypto coins have lost almost $600 billion since the beginning of the year. However, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have shown […]

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Tech Firm Run by Doctors Turns to Blockchain to Fight Healthcare Fraud | BTCMANAGER

Data safety in healthcare is extremely important. Fraud in this industry not only creates financial losses for healthcare providers, insurers, and governments, it also directly harms patients. iAM, an established healthcare company, is launching a blockchain-based platform designed to give patients access to universal and comprehensive medical records. When a […]

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