Megan Rapinoe wrongly thinks she’s a preacher — not a player

Arrogant, abrasive, sanctimonious, whiny, humorless, unpatriotic, self-important and immensely boring, Megan Rapinoe has made the least of her sudden ascent to fame as the captain of the World Cup-winning US women’s soccer team. With unprecedented alacrity, she has become America’s anti-sweetheart. Instead of coming across as delighted about the team’s […]

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Warren Buffett thinks newspapers are 'toast'. Here's why

Warren Buffett encourages investors to bet on US economy Independent Women’s Forum Policy Director Hadley Health Manning and founder Jonas Ferris on Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders. Warren Buffett, the third-richest person in the world and the man behind more than 30 dailies in the U.S., […]

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Novogratz Thinks 2019 Will Be Bitcoins Year

The CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency fund Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz has recently gone onto TV to talk about the ongoing developments in the crypto space. Novogratz went on television to do an interview with Bloomberg recently to explain why he believes the first two quarters of next year […]

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