De Blasio quietly opens presidential campaign office in Brooklyn

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pipe-dream presidential campaign has quietly opened a headquarters in Downtown Brooklyn that’s operating with a tiny staff and limited resources, he revealed Monday.

“I’m very clear about the fact that we are going to start with a mean and lean team, and we are going to build up rapidly,” de Blasio told NY1’s “Inside City Hall” Monday night, while confirming that he opened the “startup” campaign office without any fanfare.

The mayor said he wouldn’t “get into the whole logistics of the campaign” or its headquarters but touted his shoestring operation would “focus on the issues [and] what we need to do for working people.”

He then added, “but I can tell you this: [it] … will not look like some of the other campaigns. It will look like something different because it’s a more grassroots-focused approach.”

De Blasio apparently didn’t get the memo that other higher-profile presidential candidates with greater resources – including fellow Democrats US. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) – are also touting their own “grassroots” campaigns, rather than targeting big-money donors.

A rep for de Blasio’s campaign declined to provide more specifics about the headquarters.

During his NY1 appearance, the mayor also acknowledged that there’s no guarantee he’ll get to compete in the first Democratic presidential candidates’ debate next month — despite meeting one set of criteria to compete: obtaining 1% of voters in three polls.

“I certainly want to participate, but I also understand it’s a very competitive process,” he said.

To improve his odds, a desperate de Blasio has been begging people with paid Facebook and Twitter ads to donate as little as $1 to his campaign.

He’s trying to reach 65,000 donors to improve his chances of qualifying. So far 24 Democrats have announced they’re running, but there are only 20 seats in the debates.

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