Tiger kept on 3ft chain and forced to walk in tiny circles 22 hours a day while posing with tourists at Thai zoo

HORRIFYING footage shows a tiger kept on a 3ft chain and forced to walk in tiny circles for 22 hours a day while posing with tourists.

In the distressing video, the majestic animal is seen pacing in minuscule steps while paraded on the small platform at Phuket Zoo in Thailand.

Campaigners are now trying to free the tiger, who they claim is tethered so that visitors can pay a £7.50 fee for a snap.

A petition launched by American charity Care2 to provide him with a larger enclosure at the same zoo has nearly met its target of 12,000 signatures.

One activist wrote: "This is barbaric and unspeakably cruel.

"What kind of society carries out this attrocity?! I will not be visiting Thailand knowing that this is what provides them with entertainment! It must be stopped!!!"

The National Geographic video was also shared by World Animal News, with the caption: "A #tiger paces in circles, chained to a platform in a photo studio at the #PhuketZoo in #Thailand.

"Tigers are often declawed & drugged to make them safer for interacting with tourists".

A spokesman for the charity said: "That's the life for this tiger at Phuket Zoo – please sign the petition to have her moved to a protected reserve."

It comes just days after cruel zookeepers were filmed stabbing elephants with spikes and forcing tigers to pose with tourists at the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Bangkok.

Thailand introduced its first animal cruelty law in 2014, but the legislation only protects domestic pets, working animals and animals kept for food.

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