Toddler who jumped into puddle disappears down hidden manhole and is swept away into sewer – The Sun

A TODDLER in China has tragically disappeared after falling into a rain-filled man-hole while jumping in puddles.

The girl, who was walking home from nursery with her grandmother in Chang'an, Dongguan City in China's southern Guangdong Province was swept into a sewer after plunging under the water.


Nearly 200 rescuers searched tirelessly for the little girl after her disappearance at 5pm local time on June 11.

The body of a girl matching her description was found near a sewage outfall on June 14, with the missing girl's family members positively identifying the body as that of the disappeared tot.

The toddler, who was aged three years and eight months is thought to have mistaken the uncovered manhole for a puddle.

On the day of her disappearance there was heavy rainfall between 9am-6pm, described as a 'torrential downpour'.

Officials in the area believe the manhole cover was likely pushed off and floated away during the heavy rainfall.


Harrowing footage shows desperate orange-clad rescuers ankle deep in murky water searching through drains.

One brave rescuer descends into a tiny sewer, not much wider than his shoulders to search for the lost little girl.

Worried onlookers watch as all manner of rubbish is dragged from the sewers during the rescue mission,

including flip-flops and plastic bags.This is where the young girl's body may float to.

The  girl's grandmother can be seen sobbing on the sidelines.

It is not yet clear whether the girl's family will be compensated by the city for the tragic accident.

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