Tory and Labour chiefs tear into Nigel Farage as they face a thrashing from his Brexit Party at European elections

DESPERATE Tory and Labour chiefs attacked Nigel Farage in a last-ditch bid to stop him trouncing them at the euro elections, as the nation goes to the polls tomorrow.

Final surveys put his new Brexit Party on target for a clear victory, as voters punish the Conservatives for failing to take Britain out of the EU as promised.

The UK is only taking part in Thursday’s elections, to elect 73 MEPs to the European Parliament in Brussels, because the planned departure date of March 29 was delayed.

Labour was also facing a drubbing for its fence-sitting on Brexit, with Remain supporters backing the Liberal Democrats and Leave voters going for Farage’s outfit.

One poll for YouGov put the Brexit Party on 37 per cent, the Lib Dems second on 19 per cent, Labour on 13 per cent, the Greens on 12 per cent and the Tories down at 7 per cent.

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson tried to warn traditional voters against the Brexit Party, saying: “Nigel Farage claims to speak for Britain. He claims to speak for working class people. But he doesn’t.


“His populism is built on a lie, a lie that says Brexit is easy, a lie that blames vulnerable people for all of Britain’s problems. Don’t let him divide us.”

Tory chairman Brandon Lewis admitted the former Ukip leader posed a threat but insisted he could not actually deliver Brexit.

“While Nigel Farage has popped up again to much personal fanfare, the Brexit party does not have a single MP in Parliament who could actually vote on or deliver Brexit.

“Mr Farage is making a lot of noise from the sidelines, but is not interested in working constructively in the national interest,” he said in a comment piece.

Mr Farage himself took part in the only head-to-head debate of the campaign, where he denied accusations of encouraging racism ahead of the referendum.

The whole system, the House of Lords, the whole patronage system…it is corrupt and rotten to the core

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable told him: “You have played a role in whipping up this antagonism to foreigners.

“You put out that advertisement, the hoarding, showing immigrants who had dark faces. I welcome people with dark faces. I was married to one.”

Mr Farage said Thursday’s election was just the start of his new mission to restore democracy.

He told the debate: “We want to break the two-party system, and try and get a Parliament that reflects the country.

“Then, a referendum result would actually be delivered. We’re going to field 650 candidates across the country. The whole system, the House of Lords, the whole patronage system…it is corrupt and rotten to the core.”

On Wednesday night Jeremy Corbyn said votes for Labour “challenge the far-right” and “bring our divided country together”.

He added: “We will continue to oppose the Tories’ bad deal or a disastrous No Deal. If we can’t get an agreement along the lines of our alternative plan, we will take it back to the people whether it’s through a public vote or general election.”

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