LBX jumps on the iOS bandwagon – Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Ripple [XRP] transactions made available

London Block Exchange [LBX] is touted to be UK’s only cryptocurrency exchange app for IOS. This news has come in addition to LBX announcing that it has added Ripple [XRP] to the coins it offers to its customers. Ripple is now the fourth cryptocurrency offered by the new Block Exchange, LBX. LBX offers transactions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the recently added Ripple.

This has caused waves of excitement among cryptocurrency users based in the United Kingdom.

A user named Bernando Brites tweeted:

“Looks Awesome! Would Love to see $DCR there! “

LBX is supposedly the first multi cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the UK market and is based in Canary Wharf. LBX provides an online platform and app, its ethos is that it provides a safe, credible and easy exchange for all its consumers and industrial investors.

They stated that they are offering pre-registered and premium accounts for users which is secure and fast, allowing cryptocurrencies and GBP transactions through the cryptocurrency payment accounts.

LBX recently tweeted:

“Introducing LBX — the UK’s only multi-cryptocurrency exchange #app for #iOS”

London Block Exchange in a progress update commented:

“London Block Exchange[LBX] would like to thank all the beta testers for their incredibly useful feedback, for their their kind words and patience with regards to the app.”

The platform supports educational content, bank-grade security, and solid governance, with four cryptocurrencies currently available for trade with more to be added each month.

With the public release, they stated:

“You have helped to make LBX even better and ready for a public release. You’re all fantastic and we hope you’ll keep pushing us in the future.”

LBX is currently accessible only on iOS, they are still working on the Android and Desktop releases soon, shortly right after the iOS launch. They have also promised ‘a series of exciting announcements to make over the next few months’. They are working on the final touches before their full release.

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