TRON [TRX]’s awaited test net finally launched today

TRON has finally launched the most anticipated Test Net today. The team was live during the entire testing and launch session with their Twitter account flooded with updates and posts.

No errors or glitches were noticed during the TestNet release and Justin Sun covered all the topics according to the schedule set on the e-flyer a few days prior to the live streaming.

Anjaney Goswamy, a TRON enthusiast said:

“Great, I am excited for future. King!! TRX will dominate the world.”

The schedule included:

  1. An Intro of their products, team members, and technologies
  2. TestNet’s technology progress and outlook of MainNet which is expected by May 31st
  3. P2P technology Introduction
  4. Reward for developer contributions – ongoing and future plans
  5. Display of Blockchain explores, wallet and other products

Justin Sun also mentioned during the streaming about how strong their team is with the new members.

He said:

“Our team is 100% strong with people from big companies like Amazon, Alibaba and Tencent having joined us. This evidently shows that they believe in the vision of our project having quit such heavy organizations.”

After the successful test, the MainNet launch will have the ability to migrate all TRON projects to its blockchain including the original ERC20 tokens in a ratio of 1:1.

Just a few days ago, TRX flying high with greens while the others were sliding low in red. TRX is now in the red category with a 12% fall in just 24 hours, trading at $0.036. TRX has also been moving up and down the list from 13 to 12 to 10 and back to the 13th position now.

Roddrick, a Redditor said:

“If they did coin burn, will we lose our coins? Why did the price go down like that? Nice to see it brought down the price to 16%, most of us did not expect it to drop so far so quick (definite sarcasm intended TROn). Very disappointed.”

Also, to bring to notice, TRON has a set of DApps on its platform as seen on its website with the most notable being Peiwo, an audio-based post-95s social software with a stress-free anonymous chat mode and a single click speed matching helping users to realize real and effective communication.

Another DApp is it creates and integrates game content through blockchain to support coins in providing service applications and promote rapid development. Kitty Live is also one such DApp similar to Periscope which is specifically famous in Asia and the Middle East. The other apps in this category which are under development are GIFTO, ODYSSEY, OBIKE, MICO, and GSC.

Steve James, a market enthusiast says:

“Welcome to Crypto world my friend. It’s not just with Tron. Buy hype and sell news applies everywhere here. Learn this and prep urself up for the main net launch.”

Austin Steven, a blogger commented:

“Why is TRON selling off on all exchanges?!? I’m not understanding this at all. Testnet officially releases and everyone is selling????? what does that even mean?!? If TRON is a competitor to Ethereum and EOS, it should be comparable in price. Sell the News?!? what news?!? oh it just released a testnet and it’s time to dump?!? WTF kind of strategy is that?!?”

The MainNet promises to cater more DApps and hopes to be a choice of many developers as the network is based on JAVA programming language, which is considered easy to use and is popular rather.

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