Bitcoin is more popular among the Czechs than the euro

The Czechs are more inclined to keep their assets in the crypto currency than in the euro, just such data showed a recent poll. When residents of the Czech Republic were asked about their intentions to purchase foreign currency, most people said that they were interested in investing more in Bitcoin than buying the US dollar.

Like many citizens of other countries who do not have the luxury of using their "strong" national currency, the Czechs can consider investing in other currencies, such as the dollar or the euro. Surprisingly, the new poll shows that none of these two currencies is a priority for investment number one. The poll, according to local media, was conducted among five hundred and twenty-five people.

According to the information, the Czechs still fear the crypto currency. However, digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have become the most popular tools when it comes to investing. Almost eleven percent of respondents in the Ipsos survey said they are thinking about buying a crypto currency. A little more than ten percent of respondents said they are ready to invest in the euro. Also, local people are ready to invest in the Swiss franc, about this was informed by twenty six percent of the interviewed people.

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