Crypto-currency markets restore bullish sentiment

Crypto-currency markets are picking up again after a significant drop in prices during the first two months of 2018. The price of the BTC to the USD keeps steadily higher than the price range in 11450 dollars after it was recently at a minimum of 5,900 dollars. Enthusiasts suggest that the market again begins to show a bullish mood.

Over the past twenty days, markets have again revived more than 80 percent. Experts speculators and traders believe that the markets of digital assets will continue to grow and surpass past highs.

The volume of Bitcoin trades is about 8,9 billion. The largest volume of its trading accounted for by the Bitfinex, Okex, Binance, Upbit and Bithumb exchanges.

At present, the Japanese yen dominates among currency pairs by the number of trades – about 47%. It is followed by USD (24%), Tether (15% USDT), Korean Won (5,5%) and Euro (4,6%). Currently, the average BTC / USD for the last 12 hours fluctuates around 11 450-11 550 dollars.

Considering the daily and weekly charts, the BTC / USD markets have formed a strong uptrend in the last twenty days.

Most of the prices for digital assets in general are now at the level of 0,2-10 percent after the BTC / USD markets. The cost of Ethereum (ETH) increased by 0,5%, now it costs about 953 dollars. Ripple (XRP) markets fell to 0,6%, the token is worth 1,14 dollar. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) grew by 0,26%.

Litecoin (LTC) ranked fifth in terms of market capitalization, and moved the Cardano token (ADA) from its position.

To date, the total market capitalization of all 1500 digital assets exceeds 512 billion.

In general, the crypto-currency community is optimistic, and believes that the market will continue to grow. Many traders are thinking about record highs this year, from 30000 to 50000 for Bitcoin.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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