The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Tor Project, Start Accepting Bitcoin Cash

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a non-profit digital rights group, just announced to their nearly 400,000 twitter followers that “you can now become an EFF member by donating Bitcoin Cash.”

Cashers that donated are reporting they received t-shirts, stickers, and one of them says he was sent a dice as a thank you for the donation.

The Tor Project has also begun accepting Bitcoin Cash after they said back in December during bitcoin’s very high congestion and fees:

“Due to the current state of the Bitcoin market, our payment processor, Bitpay, will not allow us to accept donations of less than 100 USD. However, we can also accept donations, including smaller donations, through Bitcoin Cash. Send us a tip with @tipprbot on Twitter!”

That has now been reduced to a minimum of $5 with their page still having the above message, but for the reduced amount. However, now you can just send them Bitcoin Cash.

The bitcoin network fee stated above is for the recommended donation of $20. That’s on top of the bitcoin miner’s fee you have to pay to send it to Bitpay. It so covering only BitPay’s miner fee for them to then sell it for fiat or send the BTC to Tor.

The real fee, therefore, is around 7.2% for a $20 payment, while for Bitcoin Cash the fees are so negligible, they can be rounded to zero.

Interestingly, the above screen is reached when you click the bitcoin button. The Tor Project, thus, is effectively saying they both are bitcoin, which technically is true.

That applies across the board. As we announced yesterday, Microsoft has started accepting Bitcoin Cash too for USA residents. That is also reached by clicking the bitcoin option. Then, you are shown the two bitcoins side by side and their fees.

The reason is probably because anyone who had bitcoin up to August the 1st 2017 also has Bitcoin Cash, unless they sold it since.

The vast majority, however, probably held onto both, so now they can just choose which one to use when making a payment or when making a donation.

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