HandCash Team Considers the Lightning Network as "Unnecessary"”

Many people think the Lightning Network will be the end of Bitcoin Cash. Whether or not that will be the case, remains to be seen. According to HandCash, BCH will not be replaced by this “inferior” scaling solution whatsoever.

It is evident Bitcoin needs to scale sooner rather than later. So far, we have not seen any major progress in this regard. The activation of SegWit has not gone off without problems either. With the new Bitcoin Core client, that should be less of a concern in a few weeks from now. Once the adoption of this scaling solution improves, we can look toward the future. In that future, the Lightning Network will play a big role.

Lightning Network vs Bitcoin Cash

WIth its payment channels and instant transactions, the Lightning Network is a big deal. To die-hard Bitcoin supporters, it is also the solution to get rid of Bitcoin Cash altogether. That is, assuming this solution will work as advertised. Until now, that has yet to be determined, even though initial tests look promising. Not everyone is too convinced LN will effectively make a positive impact, though.

The HandCash team, for example, has no real love lost or the Lightning Network. Instead, they consider LN to be cumbersome and too complicated. It’s still too expensive as well, especially when compared to Bitcoin Cash fees. To the average user, this solution will make a lot less sense than others would like. That won’t necessarily hinder its adoption rate, though. Only time will tell how that situation evolves.

In a way, it is only normal HandCash favors Bitcoin Cash. They went all-in on this altcoin over Bitcoin. While their opinion on the Lightning Network is echoed by others, Bitcoin Cash may not have all of the solutions either. Rest assured we will see more discussions like this in the future. Especially if LN is closer to being fully released, comparisons will not be hard to come by.

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