Release of the beta version of the Lightning Network client for the Bitcoin main network took place

15 March, in the official Twitter account Lightning Network, was presented the first beta version of Bitcoin Network.

At the moment, several teams are working on the project at once, but at the same time the project itself is considered one and whole, which confirms the release of the preliminary version.

In addition, Lightning Labs reports that they received 2,5 million dollars as funding from such famous people as Jack Dorsey, David Sachs, Jacqueline Reses and Charlie Lee.

According to the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee, the release of the beta version was made possible by thousands of people who on ideological grounds helped to test the system for malfunctions even at the alpha stage. Also, Lee praised the developers of the Lightning network.

What is available in the beta?

As we all know, the beta version is not a tool for all users. The developers themselves warn that at this stage all actions are conducted through the command line, moreover, today it is impossible to make large transactions. You can send an amount equivalent to no more than 400 US dollars. As claimed by the creators themselves, such restrictions were introduced for the security of users.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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