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Having hosted the first Bithumb Family Conference on November 6, Bithumb is looking for business partners based in India who decide to create services through their Blockchain Value Network called Bithumb Chain. The news was published by Livemint, November 7.

The Bithumb Family

Bithumb, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world, has recently launched a new concept called Bithumb Family, a digital platform that brings together individuals, institutions, and companies both in the blockchain and classic financial sectors.

Currently, the members of this association are Bithumb, Bithumb Global, Bithumb Singapore (Bithumb SG), Bithumb Custody, Bithumb Blockchain Economy, Bithumb STO, Bithumb OTC and Bithumb Decentralized Exchange (Bithumb DEX).

The engine powering this ecosystem is the Bithumb Chain, a body that is itself part of the Bithumb Family. The Bithumb Chain allows the transfer of value, flow of information and integrate business verticals among the blockchain ecosystem which ultimately will bring value to the Network.

The goal is to create an infrastructure similar to that of a modern interconnected city.

[Image Source: Bithumb Medium]

Looking for Partners

To achieve the vision described above, Bithumb Chain is now looking for partners who want to participate in the construction of this ecosystem. In particular, the company is looking for developers in India, given its remarkable ability when it comes to blockchain-based applications.

Although there are no technical details regarding Bithumb Chain, Vincent Poon, Bithumb Global Vice President, explained that developers will be able to take advantage of the versatility of the platform to create any application.

The choice of India is very risky given the sentiments surrounding cryptocurrency in the nation. However, the vice president specified that the government hasn’t yet passed a bill on how cryptocurrency will be dealt with, and in general they are only looking for talent.

Should they opt for this option in the future, Poon said they will abide by the laws the government sets.

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