Block-start-ups in the energy sector received 324 million dollars in investment for the year

In the energy industry there are 122 block-start-ups.

According to GTM Research, block-start-ups in the energy industry last year attracted 324 million dollars, both from venture capitalists, and from initial coin placement. And some startups are implemented for government subsidies.

Initial proposals for coins provide up to 75% of the total amount. More than 900 million dollars invested venture funds.

In GTM Research, claims that every week in the industry appears a new block-company, a start-up. At present, more than 70 projects of blocking in the electric power industry are operating or preparing for work.

Of the companies – Centrica, RWE, Innogy and Tepco during the past year have invested in blocking start-ups, writes Greentechmedia.

The other day it was reported that the IT giant IBM implemented400 block projects in cooperation with other corporations. Mostly these are trading and logistics companies.

Gradually, the use of blocking technology is expanding, capturing more and more new industries.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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