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Fight to Fame, a blockchain-based company working on fight sports opened its first office in Seoul, South Korea. The Fight to Fame project is a reality show started in 2017 to give professional fighters the chance to become Hollywood stars. The news was released by PRNewswire on November 25.

Blockchain for Entertainment

Becoming an action star in a Hollywood movie is definitely the dream of many professional sportsmen who at the end of their career try to continue riding the wave of fame and success.

However, not all sports professionals are lucky enough to become actors indeed, most can’t even get a chance.

Fight to Fame is a reality show created to fill this gap. Started in 2017 and supported by the likes of Tim Smithe, Chris Van Heerden, Rigan Machado, Prince Badi Ajamu, and Carlos Kremer, the project gained notoriety during 2019 due to its rapid expansion, as the recent opening of the new offices in Seoul or Europe.

The reality show aims to exploit the transparency guaranteed by blockchain together with the usage of a native token dubbed FF token, to create a platform in which users will be much more involved in the Fight to Fame ecosystem by being able to vote for and engage with their favorite contestants.

Essentially, Fight to Fame will, therefore, be a platform that will allow professional wrestlers to highlight their talent. To achieve success and become a Hollywood actor, contestants have to pass through five stages and gain the trust and sympathy of the whole audience.

At the moment, applications are open for anyone who feels the urge to become an action reality star, heavyweight boxing champion, or anything in-between to register. It is free to register and interested parties just have to provide contact and physical details to Fight to Fame, which is programmed for 2020.

After the registration, the actual competition will begin in which the candidates will receive professional assessments, including stage punching, stunt work, fitness or endurance training, media or marketing training, and acting training.

Global Reach, Unique Business Model, and Mike Tyson

Fight to Fame, with its unique coded business model “BMS” or “Blockchain + Movie + Sports,” seems to have found the recipe to revolutionize the entertainment industry, guaranteeing anyone the chance to become a Hollywood star while also increasing audience participation in the show.

The startup has announced several partnerships with both film studios and great professionals, including Roy Jones Jr.,  making the project seem very solid. However, things do not always go as planned.

In May 2019, Fight to Fame had announced the support of Mike Tyson, the former professional boxer holder of the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title. The company used the name of the U.S. champion to try to raise millions for the launch of their ICO.

Iron Mike later denied in a tweet any kind of relationship with the reality show and that he was deceived by Fight to Fame’s founder Shi Jianxiang, who initially offered him a part in a Hong Kong martial arts film. In contrast, the reality show claims that Mike was aware of the project and that his version of the story was constantly changing.

To date, Fight to Fame seems to have left this dubious controversy behind, and considering the latest developments, they are getting closer to launch the first reality show that exploits blockchain technology to help professional fighters showcase their talents and become a star.

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