Blockchain Technology can be used for alleviating Social Cause

Blockchain Technology to be used by US govt. and Coca-Cola to resolved force labor conditions

International Labour Organisation (ILO), according to its statistics showed that 25miilion of the total world population is facing forced labor conditions at employment globally. Out of this 47 %, people stay in Asia-Pacific reason.

According to the companies into food and beverages sector, they are facing a lot of pressure due to forced labor conditions especially in the countries’ from where they obtain sugarcane. And the companies are unable to resolve these issues according to a study by KTC (Know the Chain, the US-based humanity united, founded in a partnership). In regard to study more on other aspects related to forced labor working condition Coca-Cola has committed to conducting a study on land rights for its sugarcane supply network, forced labor, child labor across 28 countries by 2020.

To address this worldwide problem, Coca-Cola and US govt. has come together to take initiative to resolve it up to some extent. On Friday, with two other companies, Coca-Cola and US Govt. have announced to use the Blockchain Technology, the secure digital ledger to create the safe and sound registry for the workers. This initiative will help to combat the forced labor on a global parameter.

This is the first major project of Blockchain Technology implement by US Govt. to address the worldwide spread forced workforce environment. It is great that how an innovation in one thing can serve in different scenarios fighting different odds in the world.

Coca-Cola, the US beverage giant told that they have been exploring multiple blockchain projects for more than a year. To further enhance the transparency and verification process efficiency, on this project, we are shaking hands with the pilot of this project, said Brent Wilton. He is the global head of workplace rights.

Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), a non-profitable organization involved in this project said, the new venture is proposed to create a safe and sound registry for the work-force and their contracts by using digital notary capabilities and validation of Blockchain.

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