Can the Blockchain technology exist separately from the crypto currency?

Recent fluctuations in the prices of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have revived the discussion on the functioning of the digital currency as a value depository. After the cost of twenty thousand dollars and the fall of almost six thousand dollars, the most popular currency, and at the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is ten thousand eight hundred dollars.

The rise and fall in prices, and after again rising, has become one of the unusual characteristics of the trend of Bitcoin and the entire crypto currency. Probably, because of the increased level of volatility and cost, participants in anti-crisis investigations found a reason to loudly criticize this technology.

Kumar Gaurav of the Auxesis Group analyzes the prices of the crypto currency, he explains that the recent pullback occurred only after Bitcoin's price skyrocketed, and now again returns to a less dramatic growth, which is more in line with the last years. According to him, this means that Bitcoin stores at least one and the same value for those who invested in it more than two months ago. Gaurav also notes that for those who are familiar with the history of Bitcoin, this should not be a surprise and in such situations it is quickly restored.


Gaurav clarifies that the consideration of the Crypto-Currency and Blockchain should be neutral from the point of view of jurisprudence and practical considerations, considering those industries where they are needed and where not.

For example, Blockchain has many uses in which it can help to achieve greater efficiency and transparency, while having nothing to do with crypto currency. Recently, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitli acknowledged the potential of Blockchain, saying that the government "Will study the use of Blockchain technology for implementation in the digital economy."

Guarav explains that if it were not for the crypto currency, we probably would not have seen Blockchain in all institutions, since it was the crypto currency that attracted interest in its value. He also notes that in recent years Blockchain has been actively used separately from crypto-currencies.

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