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Sundrania Fund Services Corp (aka Sundrania) has unveiled its new crypto administration platform that can handle any unique needs of the world’s growing list of digital currencies.

Sundrania Is Bringing the Cloud and Crypto Together

Through Sundrania, companies utilizing the platform will be able to outsources all their operations through cloud technology. The application will also allow these companies to integrate themselves with the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, if they have a specific token that they’re looking to offer their customers, they can do so with top trading platforms in the U.S. and abroad.

In addition, Sundrania will also handle all these companies’ tax needs, connect them with data and pricing platforms, handle and manage any portfolios the companies might possess, and provide them with audit reports detailing any changes in their digital holdings. Lastly, it can also serve as a host company for ventures looking to hold token sales.

Eric Bernhard is the director and vice president of marketing at the Bayesian Group, one of the companies that has integrated Sundrania’s new technology into its operations. Bernhard had plenty of positive things to say about Sundrania, which he says has heavily simplified the process of recordkeeping for the venture’s managers. He said:

Speed to market was crucial for us when launching our fund, so having a platform that could get us up and running with bespoke reporting and rigorous recordkeeping was a game changer. We see the Sundrania team as an extension of our firm and are pleased to leverage their deep industry knowledge in both fund administration and technology, which allows us to focus on generating alpha for our investors.

Manish Agrawal – co-founder and MD of product for Sundrania – also stated that he was excited to see what his company could do and how it could potentially bring multiple forms of cryptocurrency together. He said:

We are thrilled that our extensive experience with cryptocurrency funds, coupled with our full suit of portfolio, fund and investor accounting services, helps funds, managers and market makers’ operations run smoothly. It is gratifying that cryptocurrency funds rely on us to deliver clean and reconciled data as they navigate their exchanges and third parties.

We Do a Little Bit of Everything

In the coming months, the company plans to hold a major cryptocurrency summit that features guest speakers and a panel of experts that have been working steadily in the digital currency space.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sundrania is a fund administrator that seeks to bridge the gap between cloud services and the crypto industry. It offers a full-scale platform designed to ensure all records are kept properly and securely. It can process trades and data relating to trades for a multitude of financial companies including hedge funds, commodity pools, impact funds and cryptocurrency funds. It can also keep data for companies dealing in real estate funds and private equity.

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