NJ man donates iPads to all 50 states to honor father

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John Lynch said his final goodbyes to his father in Georgia via FaceTime on an iPad. 

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“For the last two years or so, the primary way I was able to communicate with my father, who lived in Atlanta in a memory care unit, was through technology," Lynch said via email to Fox News. "I visited from New Jersey when I could, but the pandemic put my travels on hold. Unfortunately, my father passed away of non-coronavirus illness. I was able to say my goodbyes from here in New Jersey (on April 13) through a Facetime opportunity. In the memory of my father, Hugh Lynch, I want to help people in the hospitals communicate with their family members.”


In his father's honor, he launched Operation Connection – The iPad Project. He and his Lunch With Lynch Foundation began donating iPads to nursing homes and hospitals in need as a way to connect patients with families.

More than 140 iPads have been donated.

When he ships his most recent stock of iPads, he will officially reach his goal of sending an iPad to a hospital or nursing home in each of the 50 states.

“Over 140 iPads have been donated. Early next week, I'll ship my latest batch of iPad donations — and that delivery will mean I've reached my goal of sending an iPad to a hospital or nursing home in all 50 states," Lynch said.

He added there is a personal connection to each donation.

“After I took care of all of the needs of my home area of Cape May County, I decided to make this a national initiative," Lynch explained. "I was receiving donations from around the country and the virus has impacted every state. Rather than Googling nursing homes and hospitals, I put it out to my network to make nominations of facilities who could benefit from an iPad to connect patients with their families. I'm proud to say there is a personal relationship behind every donation. For example, the West Virginia men's basketball team delivered the donated iPads to a nursing home in West Virginia last week after I connected with one of their players, Taj Thweatt, who is also from Wildwood.”


He said he is looking for all the help he can get.

“The Lunch With Lynch Foundation continues to take donations of new or gently used iPads, along with cash donations to purchase iPads," Lynch said. "We are also taking donations for our 10th annual Lunch With Lynch Foundation Toy Drive that will help provide gifts to over 800 children in need. With the help of our local police and fire departments, we deliver the gifts every year on Christmas Eve. The gifts are sorted to match the child's age, gender, and interest.”

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