AirPod: Privacy in Public Spaces Using Capsule-Like Innovative Units

We all know how difficult it is to have some privacy let alone take a quiet nap in a public place. However, travelers will soon be able to enjoy such luxuries and more. This is courtesy of AirPod, a perfect, innovative idea based on state-of-the-art private units that will be installed in major public places. The units are set to transform and enhance traveler’s experience. Here is an exclusive look at this revolutionary idea.

Innovation That Allows Privacy in Public Spaces

AirPod is set to be the perfect solution for you if you wish to relax, sleep, work or have fun in a private place while still in a public space. Using innovative technologies, the developers of AirPod wish to provide a comfortable and private unit in public places such as offices, bus stations, hotels, airports, railways, and shopping centers. Some of the features that will enhance the user’s experience include air conditioner, Wi-Fi, sound reduction technology, touch screen monitor, mood lighting, privacy blinds in the smart glass, and anti-stress programs.

The installation of the units will be done in airports first before they can be provided in other public spaces. This is the perfect idea considering the limited choices travelers have for getting rest or some privacy in an Airport. The best privacy a traveler can currently get at any airport is the lounge area or the pricey hotels, not forgetting the unimpressive privacy pods. However, thanks to AirPod the dream of privacy in public spaces is almost becoming a reality. The firm has collaborated with one of the largest companies in the globe to make the distribution of the AirPod units across major airports possible.

Why Use AirPod

AirPod is set to enhance travelers experience by addressing the problem of long waiting hours in airport terminals. The terminals are not only noisy but have no privacy. AirPod units are economical and convenient. They are designed with relaxation, health, and functionality in mind. For the first time, travelers will be able to read books, listen to music and get a nap in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

The use of blockchain technology allows AirPod to build its business model around Dapps ecosystem. By using blockchain, AirPod ensures transparency between its customers and partners, literally making every individual a stakeholder in the community-focused project.

How You Can Be Part of AirPod

The innovative technology connecting all the AirPod units is blockchain technology. Blockchain management will allow for the management, economic overview, and control of each of the AirPod units.

The AirPod token (APOD) will be used as a means of exchange on the platform. It will also be used to gain exclusive membership and to rent the units to others. The AirPod project is in its pre-ICO stage, and soon the public will be able to purchase the APOD tokens.

The Brains Behind the Project

Grega Mrgole who is the CEO and co-founder of AirPod leads the team at AirPod. He is a successful entrepreneur having established successful startups in the food service, manufacturing, fitness, and leisure industry. Mihael Meolic is the COO. He is also a co-founder of the firm and a successful entrepreneur with experience in the beverage and robotics industries. With such brains behind AirPod, we can only expect the best.

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