AMD and Nvidia predict a drop in demand for GPUs

2017 year has become quite effective for the crypto-currency industry as a whole. This also caused a serious increase in sales in the graphics processor markets. But, to date, AMD and Nvidia are concerned that the sales of ASIC and GPU may drop drastically.

In the case of mining Ethereum and other altokkonov, in 2018, GPU processors are still an excellent solution. Since the end of 2017, many enthusiasts have been building mining farms at home. This caused a big surge in the total sales of the GPU. Obviously, AMD and Nvidia benefit from this development.

The GPU's GPUs may become less popular

Nvidia, and AMD are convinced that the interest in graphics processors for the production of crypto currency will soon disappear.

Both these companies will not launch a separate line of graphics processors for the development of mining systems. They reported this idea earlier, but the plans for the development of such processors were constantly postponed for the future. All further actions of both companies will depend on the situation on the market.

The crypto currency industry is constantly on the move, and companies must constantly meet the needs of the market. For AMD and Nvidia, it's reasonable not to ignore this industry. While there is no noticeable decline in demand for graphics processors, because of which it is difficult to make any specific forecasts.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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