Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reportedly Surge To $15k Soon

There have been a lot of optimistic Bitcoin-related predictions lately, and it seems that the trend continues even though BTC doesn’t show bullish signs at the moment.

Recently, the biggest crypto analyst on YouTube said that he believes BTC will target $15.000-$20,000in the next weeks.

In a new episode of DataDash, Nicholas Merten says he’s feeling bullish and this is especially because of Bitcoin’s rising mainstream stature as a hedge against global economic instability.

BTC is solidifying its status as a digital kind of gold

The CEO of financial advisory giant deVere Group said that BTC’s recent price movements are showing that the leading crypto started to solidify its status as a digital kind of gold.

Nigel Green says he believes BTC will soon hit $15,000, according to the latest reports coming from The Independent.

“The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, jumped 10% as global stocks were rocked by the devaluation of China’s yuan as the trade war with the US intensifies,” Green said.

He continued and wrote: “This is not a coincidence. It reveals that consensus is growing that Bitcoin is becoming a flight-to-safety asset during times of market uncertainty.”

Green also said that Bitcoin could take gold’s place in the future: “BTC could potentially dethrone gold in the future as the world becomes increasingly digitalized.”

Bitcoin’s performance on Google Trends and Twitter

Green also highlighted BTC’s recent performance on Google Trends and Twitter. He also mentioned global trade tensions.

The Daily Hodl quotes him saying “Crazy World. US President trying to devalue the dollar over Twitter. Boris heading for Hard Brexit despite knowing it causes a recession. Trump causing Trade Wars, knowing no one really wins.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red on CMC and the most important coin in the crypto space is priced at $11.371.

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