Bitfinex refuses to support Petro

The Hong Kong crypto exchanger Bitfinex said that the platform will not support the digital currency Petro in connection with the ban of the US government.

According to the announcement published by the exchange, in connection with the recent signing of Donald Trump's order to impose additional sanctions against Venezuela, Bitfinex will not serve Petro.

Restrictions imposed by US authorities prohibit US citizens from bidding or buying any of the crypto-currencies established by the Venezuelan government.

Bitfinex: Petro has limited utility

In addition, the implementation of Petro was not planned by the leadership before, but in the light of sanctions, they are forced to completely close the operations in which this digital currency is involved.

The restrictions entered by the exchanger will apply to all customers, employees and contractors of the platform, regardless of their location.

The ban applies to any transactions, including deposits, financing, trade and withdrawals, reports The Cointelegraph.

Author: Vasilisa Ming, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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