Bladetec is Planning to Launch the UK’s Largest Bitcoin Farm

The giant British IT hardware supplier has announced that it plans to design the largest Bitcoin mining center in United Kingdom.

The project is one of a huge amplitude, with investments that are supposed to reach £ 10 million. The farm will stretch over an enormous 3,500 square foot area and will be located in three major regions: London, Surrey and Suffolk.

Bladetec collaborates with “wind farms”

The parent- company Bladetec has launched this year a child-enterprise, named the Third Bladetec Bitcoin Mining Company Ltd (TBBMC). The idea was released by the founders John Kingdon and John Pitcher. Of course, the mining activities will be subordinated and controlled by Bladetec.

According to The Telegraph, Bladetec has established partnerships with “wind farms” in order to acquire electricity at a reasonable price/volume ratio:

Energy costs will still make up the majority of the £10 million project, however, with the farm expected to have and energy consumption equivalent to almost 9.000 houses. It will house up to 2.000 machines.”

According to Cointelegraph, the expected return on investments after the first 24 months is:

Envestors supports the Bitcoin mining industry

Envestors is a FCA consulting firm and a net of influential investors. Thus, this platform stated that it will be the Europe’s first Bitcoin mining firm, whose investments come from a limited and protected by national legislation governmental environment.

The company’s strategy is actually quite straightforward: they’ll acquire approximatively 1000 ASIC (application specific integrated circuits)- based mining computers all running at 43 terra-hashes per second (a speed so unfathomably fast, it’s nigh on impossible to quantify; suffice to say, it’s the fastest available globally today). This will create a significant global mine, placing them in the world’s top 25 and as a result of this dominant position, produce significant returns for shareholders.”

Bladetec dates back to 2002, when the company has exposed its services on the British market for the first time. Besides the computing and hardware equipment, it provides consulting services to the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO and The National Grid.

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