BTC, LTC Purchasing Made Easy – What Can Cryptopay’s Service do for You?

2018 has finally seen the cryptocurrency space enter into mainstream investing, with an increasing pool of new traders, users, and investors fueling demand. With this rapidly growing demand comes new challenges and hurdles for venues to overcome, namely scalability, security, and standing out in a crowded field.

The premium on security has never been higher with there being no shortage of debilitating hacks, scams, and episodes of abuse. As such, users and investors demand a greater level of safety and transparency with buying cryptos. Despite the industry’s growth, transferring Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or other cryptos to another wallet still contains risks, emphasizing the value of an all-in-one service.

One such venue that has taken steps to strengthen its core offering into an all-in-one service is Cryptopay. The group has recognized the vulnerabilities posed from the community at large, i.e. loose security protocols, hacks, and complicated exchange procedures. Consequently, Cryptopay has made buying BTC and LTC easier than ever.

Don’t needlessly risk your money

Individuals historically gravitate towards more streamlined measures. Whether this means handling all your shopping in one store, more likely via a single website, the ability to handle all your needs in one place is a huge asset. Now more than ever, buying Bitcoin and Litecoin can be a tedious affair, one that is wrought with risks and complications.

For Cryptopay’s part however, this process has never been easier, which includes several easy to use options and a user-friendly interface. One of the biggest attributes of Cryptopay is the ability to link normal credit and debit cards. With Cryptopay, the days of lengthy wait times through third-party payment gateways and questionable transactions are over.

By facilitating access to major debit and credit cards, Cryptopay charges a competitive fee of 4 percent for both BTC and LTC, which is roughly on par with Paypal – one of the most common and largest payment venues globally. The reduction of heightened fees is a huge benefit for users, given this issue has traditionally plagued exchanges in times of volatility. With Cryptopay, these concerns are a non-factor.

Large limits make BTC, LTC purchases easier than ever

Moreover, users can buy BTC or LTC through major fiat currencies, including the British pound, euro, and the US dollar. Limits are scalable, which helps cater to a wide range of clientele. The limits start at €1000 daily, and €5000 monthly for both BTC and LTC. The framework is flexible and also helps support larger purchases as well.

Indeed, the more you buy, the higher the limits. Limits are slated to rise over time as well for all users, potentially increasing to €50,0000 monthly, making Cryptopay one of the few venues to adopt such a dynamic limit structure.

Cryptopay’s service is also noteworthy given you can buy and store your BTC or LTC effortlessly without going through any third-party venues. By keeping your business in-house, users avoid any of the risks associated with Bitcoin transfers or other breaches of security, relying on a fully transparent and secure ecosystem.

Relative to other exchange options, Cryptopay’s fee structure remains highly competitive, especially for credit card purchases. Many other venues routinely have charged much larger and wavering fees in the face of wavering Bitcoin prices.

Perhaps most importantly, Cryptopay’s exchange service is fast, meaning individuals can keep up with the rapid pace of crypto markets. The group understands the importance of instantaneous transactions and to stay ahead in the crypto market users need a service that can cater to their needs in real-time.

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