ICO Lists Ryan Gosling as Lead Designer, Crypto Twitter Freaks Out

A little known Chinese ICO project, Miroskii, has gained some notoriety (and probably lost some credibility) over their supposed Lead Designer, Kevin Belanger, with a headshot of prolific actor Ryan Gosling.

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Gosling, known for his gripping performance in the 1996 television adaptation of Goosebumps in the episode, “Say Cheese and Die”, among other roles, has yet to respond to our questions on the matter. Similarly, we’ve reached out to Miroskii, who were equally reticent.

Ryan Gosling: Actor, UX Designer, Soldier, Spy

This drama all started when twitter user @CryptoShillNye noticed a striking resemblance on Miroskii’s team page:

In a matter of hours Crypto Twitter detonated in a mushroom cloud of memes and mockery, and further cyber sleuthing. Other users noted that Gosling isn’t the only pilfered stock image being used as a ‘team member’.

It seems the project has been taking some liberties with royalty free photography in order to pad their non-native developer profile (if any of the listed team members are real, that is.)

Miroskii’s Goose Is Cooked

The ICO space has never been accused of being an ethically rigorous industry, so it’s hard to say if this is a true exit scam or just a low effort marketing ploy from a team that lost Gosling’s celebrity in translation. All we really know is that people aren’t letting it slide.

Were this type of dishonesty an isolated incident in ICO launches, we could all just laugh off Miroskii’s indiscretion, and move on, but it’s important to note that low information investors and indigent/illiterate people make up a certain percentage of ‘investment’ in schemes like these (e.g. Bitconnect.)

Scams are endemic to the space, and as fun as it is to point and laugh, outreach to less savvy people looking for an ROI is much more important.

What do you think will happen to these sites that use stock images as key members of their company? Let us know your views in the comments section.

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