IcoGuide: The Number One Platform for Real-time, Unbiased Information on ICOS

IcoGuide is a platform focused on carrying out in-depth reviews of tokens and token generation events (TGEs).

The exponential rise in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has attracted a vast number of entrepreneurs and institutions to the crypto ecosystem. This has led to the near proliferation of ICOs.

There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies already on the market, and new ICOs are coming up almost on a daily basis. It is often time-consuming for investors to carry out in-depth research on ICO projects to find out the viable ones. Therefore IcoGuide has created a platform that does all the dirty jobs, providing investors with valuable, easy to understand info about the best projects.

Expert crypto analysts analyze all TGEs on the platform in a transparent and unbiased manner.

IcoGuide provides users with a list of TGEs that are good projects. This makes it easy for people to scan through them and choose the best projects quickly.

The ICO ecosystem is still mostly unregulated, and this makes it very easy for bad actors to start scam schemes aimed at duping investors.

IcoGuide is an excellent platform give real ICO organizers an opportunity to showcase their projects. It’s also a place where investors find the best ICOs to invest in.

The Team

IcoGuide was founded by a team of experts in the cryptocurrency industry. They have experienced both the ups and downs of the ecosystem and have come out to share their experience with the world, via IcoGuide.

All TGE analysis is carried out by a team of experts who assign unbiased average ratings for each project. This ensures users are given accurate advice concerning all projects.

Before any ICO project is listed on the platform, the team carry out in-depth research on the TGE, to find out if its a viable project. After the research process, each analyst will give the project an average score.

IcoGuide will not accept or provide paid rankings. All rankings are the genuine and unbiased opinions of the expert analysts.

IcoGuide separates all projects into feeds such as

Popular, Ongoing, Upcoming and Past.

Once a user chooses any feed, the project is further broken into the rating, price, hard cap, soft cap, Start date, end date, bonus, and country of the project.

IcoGuide offers a free listing to upcoming TGEs. Presently, there are 10 expert analysts on the platform who work tirelessly to provide excellent error free ratings to users at all times.

About IcoGuide

The platform provides an unbiased evaluation of ICOs to make it easier for investors. IcoGuide also provides a space for new projects that are viable to showcase their TGEs.

The team has more than 5 years experience in the crypto world and more than a year experience in ICOs.

With this platform, knowing the best projects to join becomes very easy. You can try IcoGuide today at www.icoguide.com

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