John McAfee Joins 'Hackproof' Startup CryptoSecure

John McAfee, founder of the software company McAfee Associates and firm crypto believer, predicts Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2020. McAfee was named Senior Security Adviser at CryptoSecure, a security solutions provider that prevents cryptocurrency hacking.

CryptoSecure appoints John McAfee as Senior Security Adviser

CryptoSecure, a ‘hackproof’ security solutions provider, has announced the appointment of Bitcoin investor and security expert John McAfee as Senior Security Adviser. The timing of the announcement serves to boost the hype around the company’s initial coin offering (ICO).

The cryptocurrency industry has been plagued with hacks right from the start, with the Coincheck heist being only the most recent. John McAfee’s expertise, both technical and industry-specific, will be a valuable asset for the company:

“Mr. McAfee met the CryptoSecure team on a recent Blockchain cruise conference at which he was the keynote speaker. During an early morning discussion on the security deficiencies of the cryptocurrency market, he was appraised of CryptoSecure’s military-grade hybrid Blockchain, Trusted Solaris OS, One Time Pad infrastructure project. When Mr. McAfee saw CryptoSecure’s first product ‘SafeWindow’ operating he immediately recognized the breakthrough potential to deliver the security so badly needed in the cryptoverse. Realizing that money could not buy this, he decided to join the CryptoSecure team as Senior Strategic Advisor”

McAfee commented on his appointment:

“Cyberattacks threaten to end cryptocurrency. Hackers now have the ability to steal from any wallet, computer or exchange. This is why I joined the Cryptosecure team. With advanced technology to end this crisis.”

The startup describes John McAfee as a brilliant, and controversial Internet and crypto pioneer and visionary, who spent his early years as a programmer for NASA’s Institute for Space Studies, and later created the world’s first commercial anti-virus software.

The statement then added that he concentrates his passion and genius towards the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is a champion of the people and a fierce advocate against the increasing incidence and nature of cyber-attacks.

Earlier this year, McAfee left MGT Capital Investment, where he was chief cyber security visionary. The company ended the year 2017 with $9.5 million of cash, no debt, and minimal payables. The picture darkens if we take the words of MGT CEO Robert Ladd, who said he received feedback stating it might be “easier” to get back on the New York Stock Exchange if it chose “to not have John McAfee be an officer or director of the company.”

On his way out, McAfee commented: “I am looking forward to toiling in obscurity as the world’s foremost authority of all things cyber and crypto!”

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