Kamrath, Co-founder of Rubicon Markets to begin new crypto firm in NY

The former Global head of foreign exchange at Jefferies Group LLC is beginning his new cryptocurrency firm in New York. After leaving the bank in March, the firm is to commence from this month.

Ray Kamrath is the co-founder of Rubicon Markets Inc with Chief Executive Officer Andrew Lawrence and Chief Technology Officer Charlie Walden. Kamrath serves as a chief marketing Officer. The firm has many staff members and plans to create a cryptocurrency that derivatives exchanges and issue a crypto token.

Kamrath’s comments

According to Kamrath, Cryptocurrencies are “the future of the capital markets and the economy at large. Earlier he was CEO of Faros Trading LLC and managing director at Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

He adds “It was too good an offer to refuse,” Kamrath said, referring to his decision to move into digital currencies from banking.

As per sources, Brad Bechtel is overtaking the position of global FX at Jefferies. This message is been in track by an anonymous person.

Plans to begin firm

Recently, Ray Kamrath has joined Rubicon Markets. It is firm which develops trade and exchange technologies for the utilization of cryptocurrency in the system.

Overall, it is a great initiative by Kamrath to enhance cryptocurrency in day-to-day lives. The Universe needs people like Kamrath to come forward and take up such task to explore cryptocurrencies.

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