LatAm’s $4.1B Gaming Industry Set for Blockchain Boost

Latin America's gaming industry is expected to get a boost with the introduction of a token called FORCE.

UK-based blockchain gaming company Triforce Tokens has partnered with Busca Todo to tap into Latin America’s $4.1 billion gaming industry by providing solutions to persistent challenges in the sector, particularly in raising capital and creating a standard for exchange value across various platforms and games.

By using the FORCE cryptocurrency, gamers in Latin America will have new ways to earn during play time and be able to manage their in-game wealth across multiple platforms and games, TriForce and Busca Todo said in a joint statement.

Since FORCE creates an environment of seamless interaction, players can also assist peers with in-game activities in return for gaming cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, publishers and developers can keep players in the game for longer by incentivizing them with rewards at various levels.

Busca Todo founder and CEO Ramon Toledo said:

“Cryptocurrency is the beginning of something great as it is already permeating markets that seemed out of reach years ago. We are truly excited about joining forces with TriForce Tokens and revolutionize the gaming experience in Latin America once more. Gamers in Latin America will now have the opportunity to earn money through gaming, as simple as that”.

The project has already sparked the interest of the regional gaming community, with many industry organizations ready to engage with TriForce Tokens. They believe the native digital asset can help them address various challenges, among them capital raising and privacy protection.

Busca Todo and TriForce Tokens

TriForce’s choice of Latin American partner reflects the reach of Busca Todo’s network, whose Spanish-speaking users make more than 50 million page visits per month. Busca Todo is the owner and operator of and the top PC and video gaming site in Chile, Level Up’s YouTube channel recently registered one million views.

Pete Mardell, CEO of TriForce Tokens, added:

“We see such a fantastic opportunity for growth of the games industry in Latin America, it made complete sense to partner with Busca Todo who will be key in helping to establish our games currency there. Through this partnership we want to empower both players and game developers, working to boost the games industry in Latin America.”

Atari launches crypto token for gamers

However, FORCE is not the only token exclusively dedicated to gamers. Last week, struggling French video console and gaming developer Atari announced the launch of Atari Token.

Atari’s foray into the digital currency space is part of its alliance with the developer of a blockchain-powered entertainment platform.

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