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SMSCHAIN has announced the launch of the Blockchain-based application that will connect everyone willing to sell their unused SMS with aggregators, providing A2P (application to person) SMS delivery services to businesses on a global decentralized platform. These services serve such purposes as two-factor authentication, notifications, booking confirmations etc.

According to developers, who have over 10 years of telecom expertise, using Blockchain will help resolve such current issues with GSM SIM Gateways suсh as expensive equipment, geographical limitations, need for continuous maintenance and more.

A2P is a very promising market estimated to grow by $70B by 2020. Its growth is secured by expansion of mobile coverage around the world, especially within the emerging markets. A2P SMS is largely implemented in banking and marketing activities, as well as mobile payments. Such companies as Google, Uber, Facebook, etc. implement SMS messaging to ensure security and other essential features of their web services.

The decentralized nature of SMSCHAIN application operating allows SMS aggregators to connect to the nearest SMS holder willing to send it through their device seamlessly and with full transparency.

“SMSCHAIN is a fully decentralised system in which anyone in the world can participate and benefit from.” says Andrey Insarov, CEO of SMSCHAIN. “Decentralisation significantly increases the efficiency of SIM gateways, allowing networks to be easily scaled up at a low cost and providing global coverage, which is impossible to achieve with current solutions.”

The network will be operated by auctions created by SMS aggregators. The requests will have the following information: destination, volume of SMS traffic, price and text templates. Users of the SMSCHAIN application will go through the list of requests and accept those which interest them. They will also be able to pre-approve all messages sent through their devices so there will be full transparency and trust from both sides. Users receive financial rewards upon the execution and fulfilment of messaging agreements stipulated by auction contracts and get paid only after delivering SMS messages. The first version on the application will be developed for Android devices.

“We truly believe, that the A2P SMS market has a crucial need for tech disrupt. Blockchain opens incredible opportunities for all the parties involved. For users it allows getting profit from unused text messages already included in their plans, and also being a part of global P2B network. For businesses it solves main issues with SMS delivery and gives easy deployment and globalisation, equipment and maintenance costs reduction, as well as the ensurance of contract and payment compliance,” adds Oleg Makarov, COO of SMSCHAIN.

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