NANO Exchange Helps Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Find a Market Price

Trading XRB on the still-small exchange has been expanded with new pairs in the past days.

The Nanex exchange was built to give access to buying XRB as the coin waited to be listed on larger markets and the BitGrail exchange floundered. Now, Nanex has expanded with new trading pairs against XRB.

One of the brand-new assets listed is Bitcoin Private, a hard fork that had a tough time finding a willing exchange. Now, one BTCP trades at around 6.4 XRB, or around $78. XRB market prices have recovered somewhat to $11.64.

On Nanex, XRB trades against Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, on still limited volumes.

The Bitcoin Private is delaying listings, despite the collection pool of ZClassic (ZCL) coins gathered by voluntary mining. Unfortunately, after the hard fork, ZCL depreciated rapidly, making the haul rather small for exchange listing fees. ZCL slid to $9.45, after one final spike to about $16.

But now, Bitcoin Private has been added to the list on CoinMarketCap, with at least a chance to track prices. The asset has only been trading for a day, and has appreciated somewhat.

Volumes are extremely thin, the equivalent of 45 BTC. At this point, BTCP is still in the price discovery stage, and the price can take any direction. Some Bitcoin forks, such as United Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Gold, traded at nearly $500 before sliding to a much lower range below $100. Others are having an even harder time.

Meanwhile, ZCL may expect to suffer even more, as support for the project is withdrawn and moved to Bitcoin Private. The digital asset needs to be moved from the Electrum wallets, as nodes would be disabled.

In short, the team will stop supporting its own ZCL nodes at the end of March and leave that to the community, without vouching for quality. In effect, the team hands over the asset to the community for further developments, and if there are no takers, the coin is as good as lost.

It is unknown what made the NANO community reach out to this project, except for a general attempt at reaching out to the community. In its turn, NANO has received endorsements from Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin.

NANO itself is going on a different path of development, working on wallets and potential upcoming adoption on exchanges.

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