Reddit Halts Bitcoin Payments After Coinbase Commerce Bugs

Reddit says it is taking the move due to upcoming changes at Coinbase and the bug that is affecting some users. It will consider a demand for Bitcoin payments before deciding whether to re-enable the feature.

Reddit, which has been accepting Bitcoin payments, has halted Bitcoin payments for its Gold membership due to issues affecting the Coinbase Commerce platform it uses to process payments.

The bug is affecting purchases for certain users, said the company through one administrator, in a thread in the r/BTC Bitcoin subreddit. The move is also due to upcoming changes at Coinbase exchange.

The company will watch for demand for the payments with the cryptocurrencies before deciding whether to re-enable. Members can still pay with PayPal and credit cards.

That is unlikely to affect prices of the cryptocurrency. However, it is a major blow to the adoption of Bitcoin among internet users, Reddit being a popular platform.

New service

Coinbase Commerce is a new service with which merchants can accept crypto payments directly into a user-controlled wallet. This includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin payments.

It is not a hosted service and so merchants can control their own digital currency, fully. Merchants can directly integrate it into their checkout flow or add it as a payment option in e-commerce.

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