Ripple CTO Makes 5 Predictions For 2018

We all like predictions. Whether or not we take any notice of them depends on the actual prediction itself, and what it means to us in our personal or business lives. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, predictions are of interest to many, and Stefan Thomas of Ripple, has made some humdingers for the digital currency marketplace in 2018.

ICO token bubble is about to burst

Cryptocurrencies have never been hotter than they are right now. The total value of crypto across the planet amounts to more than the net worth of JP Morgan! ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have also taken off big time. But according to Mr Thomas, the ICO bubble is about to burst. The puncture he predicts is partly to do with expected financial regulations issues and partly to do with how tokens are used.

Global adoption of digital assets

Stefan Thomas acknowledges that crypto has come of age in terms of speculators entering the marketplace. But in 2018, he believes we will see more major institutions, such as pension funds, asset managers and other financial bodies, jumping on the bandwagon.

But before digital assets really become universal, the banks require specific guidelines regarding the banking of transactions of businesses that deal in crypto, to be spelt out.

Blockchains will begin to cross-pollinate

Once upon a time, it was all about Bitcoin. But in terms of the cryptocurrency marketplace across the board, Bitcoin’s market share has dipped from 87% down to below 50%. It’s a sign that blockchains are multiplying. However, if crypto is to become truly universal, then the overgrowing number of blockchains need to start cooperating and inter-trading with each other.

Hybrid blockchains will appear

There are basically two main types of blockchains – public (like Bitcoin) and private (similar to Hyperledger Fabric). The CTO of Ripple predicts that 2018 will witness the birth of the hybrid blockchain – a combination of both public and private.

Mr Thomas believes that special-purpose tokens will take over from general purpose tokens while hybrid or special blockchains will take over from general purpose blockchains. This might at first appear contradictory but would be the outcome of blockchains working together while blockchains and tokens become less specifically associated.

Of course, no-one can predict the future with any accuracy, but it will be interesting to see how many of Stefan Thomas’ predictions come home to roost.


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