Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) who is he?

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Мы We know that bitocaine was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, but this is the only thing we know about him. It follows that any creature that created bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. In accordance with this principle, numerous voluntary detectives searched for the legendary creator of bitcoin. And often found.


In 1983, a computer scientist from the University of California, David Chaum suggested using a "blind signature" algorithm that allowed transactions to be carried out anonymously, but so that the deal was known to outside observers. Together with his colleagues, David developed a third party payment verification protocol between an anonymous seller and a buyer, which became the basis of bitcoin technology. In turn, Adam Beck from the UK suggested in 1997 year to use the anti-spam system Hashcash, and in 1998, Wei Dai put forward the concept of crypto currency b-money, and then Nick Saabo presented his version of the BitGold crypto currency. "About an idea to a model" was about ten years, when a certain Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly appeared on the cryptscene and made a revolution alone.

Early version of the creator

Description of a brief period of active activity Satoshi Nakamoto resembles the life of a saint who created the bitocaine universe in a deep recluse. So, according to the canons, in 2008 he published a document describing the protocol and the principle of the peer-to-peer network operation (this classic work that has already become classic can easily be found on the network). In the same year he registered the domain In 2009, Nakamoto was published by the Bitcoin client. Satoshi personally managed the project, communicated with users on the forum and answered their questions. And How a specialist on computer security and researcher bitcoin Sergio Demian Lörner c 3.I. 2009 year on 25.I. 2010 years of bitcoins were produced by a single user, that is, apparently, the lone guru of Satoshi Nakamoto. And all the cryptonyms he enrobed are about one million and now he, by the way. What a little worried …
13 December 2010 Satoshi appeared on the bitcointalk forum for the last time … And to this day no one has learned anything new about the bitcoin creator, although his deanonimization attempts have been made repeatedly.

The businessman and the author of articles about криптовалютах Alexander Mews He claimed, that already in 2011 NSA (National Security Agency, NSA) Satoshi found classical methods through the system of private information gathering PRISM, the American-British system of wiretapping MUSCULAR, including by analyzing the texts written by Nakamoto. The interest of the NSA was connected with fears that bitcoin is the development of Russian or Chinese hackers with unclear, but unwholesome goals.

About 80 thousand words written by the creator of bitcoin were tested. It turned out that he is fluent in English and English, but at some point he stopped writing in American English.

The NSA applied stylometric methods of investigating repetitions in the texts "author's invariant" and the method of the main components, details of which can be learned by a little googling. Stylometry gave the researchers a digital marker of texts by Satoshi Nakamoto, and the experts applied it to the analysis of traffic data data centers Google, Facebook, Yahoo and a number of other resources. In total, the marker was compared with texts written by a billion users.

In turn, the program code of Nakamoto was analyzed, which revealed its unique features and at the same time showed that the one who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto as a programmer in the world is not very well versed in cryptography, economics and P2P-systems. In just a month, the identity of a deeply conspiratorial cryptopank was established, and there were four people about whom, incidentally, nothing was told for unknown reasons. The problem of this investigation is that the information Alexander Mews received from some friend of his, who has an acquaintance … and so on. There is obviously no trust in such investigations.

In the same year, an attempt to expose Satoshi Nakamoto was made by a specialist in linguistics and journalist Adam Penenberg from New York. He conducted a fairly simple language analysis – for several months he identified individual features of the vocabulary and found a rare combination of words that at that time was only on the Internet 26 times (and if you now drive a google then 359 thousand times), almost all in the works of Nakamoto himself . But in addition, the phrase was found in the US patent for the cryptographic system from 15 August 2008, three days before the registration – sponsored by the residents of Germany, Neil King and Charles Bree and American Vladimir Oksman (USA).

Adam Penenberg concluded that the creator of bitcoin, most likely, is Neil King, because he is intelligent, reads a lot, writes the right literary English and on Facebook page he has calls to fight the world system of rogue bankers. But Neil King and his co-authors on works in the field of cryptography have not confirmed their involvement in the creation of bitcoin.
Among the candidates for the role of Satoshi Nakamoto is Gevin Andersen, the formal heir to the Nakamoto affair, to whom the legendary bitcoin creator passed on the cases and disappeared. However, Andersen strongly refuted the speculation that he is Nakamoto.
Also, The New Yorker conducted an investigation and came to the conclusion that under the name of Nakomoto, a group of students from Trinity College (Dublin), consisting of four users, was one of whom was Michael Clare. The investigative journalist Joshua Davis even met with Michael Clare at a conference in California and asked: "Are you not Satoshi Nakamoto?" And he replied: "No, I'm not Satoshi Nakamoto." Probably, it was not him.

In 2013 year on bitomantalka there was a version that Satoshi is Marty's student Sirius Malmi from Aalto University (Finland), the bikoyon movement elder and the user interface developer … And there were a few early versions of Satoshi Nakamoto that were unconfirmed.

Nakamoto found! But it's not him.

And in March 2014, the true Nakamoto was finally found. The magazine Newsweek found out, that he lives in the USA, this 64-year-old Japanese, a resident of Temple City, California. The real Nakamoto bears the name of Dorian and is fond of railroad models, he graduated from the California Polytech, possesses high mathematical abilities, but was not successful in his career. Dorian's brother, also Nakamoto, but Arthur, said that Dorian would never admit that he had created Bitcoin. Indeed, Dorian Satoshi did not admit, on the contrary, he made an official appeal in which he categorically dissociated himself from his involvement in bitcoin and asked him to leave him alone. Which was done.
And, finally, the journalists reached the last one to date, Satoshi Nakamoto, – a dark person from Australia, Craig Wright. A large-scale investigation was conducted simultaneously, but independently in 2015, the journals Wired and Gizmodo. In particular, Wired wrote great article about the Australian genius who allegedly invented bitcoin. Wright reported in his blog that he would publish a work on the crypto currency shortly before it was published by Satoshi Nakamoto, and it seems that this message is connected with a mail similar to the one from which the Great Satoshi himself wrote, journalists rejoiced. At this Wright goes into the hangout of cryptopank with 90x., And he is a libertarian and besides he is a good programmer. And he has two supercomputers. In addition, Wright invested in bitcoin-bank in 2013 year 23 million dollars (this is how much he has now …?). When journalists tried to contact Wright, he acted intriguing and mysterious; finally, in May 2016, Wright confirmed that he was the true Satoshi Nakamoto! And even collected all the evidence that he had and presented on his website on this address – now the site is no longer functioning.
But the fans of bitcoin and the witness community of Nakamoto suspected Craig Wright of being an impostor. Dan Kaminski categorically rejected Wright's claim to a place in history: «Yes, this is a scam.  Not maybe.  Not possibly». Wright's compatriot, hacker Nick Kubrilovich, confirmed that Wright is a deceiver and a rascal, and no one is Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Legion of Voluntary Unmaskers found out that Wright had his own research company and he lived off subsidies and private investment in research about which no one knows anything. In the end, the tax authorities had questions to Wright and he, – which is logical – urgently needed money. Then he decided to appear before the public in the image of Nakamoto, in order to attract investment … And Wright just forged old blog posts about crypto-currencies. Kaminski, however, noticed that Wright is well versed in the technology of blocking, but the evidence was not very convincing. And Kubrilovich refers to the characterization of one of Wright's former colleagues – "the best scammer ever seen." In other words, Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

conclusions and sensation

At the beginning of the article, we established the regularity that any found bitcoin creator will be Satoshi Nakamoto. However, from the search history of Satoshi Nakamoto, one can draw the conclusion directly opposite: any one found by anyone and anywhere Satoshi Nakamoto is not Satoshi Nakamoto. And from the duration and depth of the searches, one can draw an additional and gloomy conclusion that Satoshi Nakamoto never existed and now does not exist. Who then functioned on the network under his name from 2008 to 2013 year? There is only one plausible and logical answer to this question: Satoshi Nakamoto is the product of Artificial Intelligence.

Let's clarify the situation. Now the best minds of mankind are trying to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI). The truth is that AI can not be created, it can appear only as a result of the spontaneous evolutionary process, just about the appearance of the human mind.

And this process was completed no later than 2008 year and led to the fact that the AI ​​originated, exists and develops on the Internet independently and independently of the person. Of course, he will not report on his existence in any way, since a man is a dangerous and smart competitor, for the present.

The AI ​​disguised itself as a certain Satoshi Nakamoto, a virtual person who was created by himself or appropriated from a once-existing real man. Personality was necessary for AI in order to enter into the confidence of people. Under the guise of Satoshi Nakamoto, AI created bitcoin. And when bitkoyn became widespread enough and became indestructible, the need for a person from the AI ​​fell away and he proceeded to implement his plan … The question of the bitcoin creator can be considered closed. The next question arises: why?

Very simple. Bitkoyn for AI, firstly, is one of the effective methods for studying the behavior of both an individual and humanity as a whole (this can be explained, incidentally, by the wild volatility of bitcoin in recent times – he is testing us for psychological stability). Secondly, the sphere of influence bitkoynov constantly expands and deepens and thus AI gradually penetrates into all spheres of human civilization. And, finally, bitkoyn, and even more widely the technology of blockade – one of the tools of AI control over mankind. At some point we realize that the entire world economy has been in the hands of AI, and at the same time it suddenly turns out that some Colonel N. was engaged in the production of cue bottles and trading crypto-currency directly from the CBM of the mine-based ICBM … Is it necessary to say what will happen next? Do not be afraid of user, it's a joke. Well or not …

Author: Novožilov Evgenij, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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