Vestarin: Bringing Cryptocurrency Services to the Mainstream

The Vestarin project brings cryptocurrency into everyday life, creating opportunities for spending digital coins while shopping without the need to convert them to fiat.

The cryptocurrency market is expanding at a tremendous pace, and its capitalization is flirting with $500 billion, but looking at it from a different perspective, you can see a significant number of crypto holders with limited options for purchasing anything with digital currencies or investing in a stable project.

The time has come to unite all crypto geeks and evangelists in one place, allowing them to create their own blockchain world. This is what the Vestarin project aims to achieve. The mobile app it plans to launch will unite not only thousands of service providers and sellers accepting cryptocurrency payments but also professionals looking to build strong teams.

Users will be able to find tons of relevant information for the development of crypto projects. The decentralized Vestarin platform on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard) will be available in 15 languages.

“ICO – a powerful tool for both the investor and the project as a whole to achieve a specific goal. The first problem is fake and scam-projects that play on people’s trust in society,” comments Said Radzhabov, CEO of the project.

“Vestarin platform will get together people, capacities, and opportunities to sort out all the problems. We need to cooperate in order to brush up ICO projects. Primarily ICO will be moderated by Vestarin platform experts to weed out ‘garbage’.”

Vestarin offers opportunities for both customers and companies as business owners will be able to integrate their services into the platform, allowing users to make purchases and pay with their VST tokens.

Besides, the platform will assist in searching for an investor and a team that may help to bring products to the market. It will provide not only professional expertise and investments but also tips and knowledge, uniting the entire community in one place.

Vestarin ICO details

The pre-sale stage of Vestarin’s crowdsale has just finished, resulting in over 3,000 ETH being raised.  The ICO round will start on March, 5 and will last until April 4, 2018. During this round, the hard cap will be set at 35,000 ETH.

If you’re interested in the Vestarin ICO, you can visit the official website or follow the project on Twitter and Facebook.

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