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The world of Cryptocurrency is not gendered sensitive as it holds various opportunities for both men and women alike. The female gender has been downtrodden in the crypto-space for a while, although it seems that will not be for too long from the look of things.

Take Up the Curtains

The role played by women in the crypto space has long been hidden or talked down and sometimes not mentioned at all.

A story recently featured in the New York Times covered issues about market campaigns used by Blockchain startups which usually features explicit sexual images of ladies. It also talked about the recent North American Bitcoin Conference that had 84 male and three women only in attendance.

A study shows that Blockchain investors who are female are just 4% while the more substantial percentage is made of men.

This seems to be the alarming truth though, but it does not bring any light to the justice done by the few active women the Cryptocurrency world.

According to Jalak Jobanputra, who is the founder of the start-up investment firm Future perfect Ventures who was interviewed by Laura Shin expressed her displeasure over the article,

“What I was disappointed about in the article was that we weren’t discussing the actual work that women were doing in the sector, during my 5years of investing in the space, I have come across brilliant women, and more and more as time goes on who are involved in regulatory conversations and starting new companies in the sector”.

Saying that she would want to see the successes of these few women celebrated.

Another woman who also shared the same view with jalak Jobanputra was Masha Drokova, the founder of Day One Ventures.

Blockchain for All

Jimmy Ku Director of Business Development who hosted ‘Empowering Women in Cryptocurrency Space’ in Southwest this week expressed his opinion on the issue in a recent article,

“When I first read the article, my initial reaction was agreement. I was at the Bitcoin Miami Conference in January and remember the uproar over the lack of inclusion of women in the crypto space.

And there is no doubt that the industry is similar to the overall tech industry, where the majority folks involved are male, I saw how timely and engaging this topic was and felt that this would be a perfect opportunity to have the discussion where women in the space would express their opinion and talk about their accomplishments”

It can be said emphatically that the male folks have gained a higher hand and are really dominating the crypto space that does not necessarily mean that the women are idle. It’s high time women started speaking and praising themselves for a job well done.

Women like Tina Hui and Elvina kamalova are early adopters in the world of Cryptocurrency.

The crypto space certainly looks way past gender, the industry is changing and progressing rapidly and anyone who can plunge in and follow the tide will surely reap the rewards notwithstanding the sex. Though the men might be dominating, we surely look forward to seeing more women bracing up to the challenge.

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