Working Business-Backed "GIFcoin ICO" Is Live – Join the Revolution & Earn Impressive ROIs!

After a successful, sold-out private sale, the 1st phase of GIFcoin’s ICO started on March 16, 2018. The token sale brings a massive opportunity for investors to leverage upon the fastest growing gambling market and earn impressive ROIs. GIFcoin’s Gambling Investment Fund (GIF), is a platform backed by an already functioning website —, embedded with all popular industry features including casino, live casino, sports betting, IN-Play betting, eSports and virtual sports.

About GIFcoin

The recently launched ICO of GIFcoin invites investors to participate in a real token, backed by a real project, and managed by an industry expert and experienced team. The investors have been showing great interest to participate in the existing moneymaking business characterized by a long-term sustainable growth. GIF token holders are entitled to earn 80% of the VitalBet’s annual profits every year.

Why Should You Invest in the Gambling Industry?

The gambling industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, reaching more than $500 billion in 2017, where sports betting alone is accounted for $220 billion. The industry, with an existing growth rate, is believed to achieve an annual growth rate of 3.3% by 2020, according to experts. The sports gambling, in particular, has been projected to reach new heights due to an increasing access of population to the internet, and legalization of online sports betting in many countries including the U.S.A.

What Makes GIFcoin Unique on the Market?

Unlike the majority of other ICO campaigns, GIFcoin is backed by a real, working betting website – The revolutionary project offers investors the exclusive opportunity to earn a share of the gambling industry’s enormous profits by participating in its ICO and buying GIF tokens. The GIFcoin team has been negotiating with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges to feature GIFcoin immediately after the ICO has finished. GIFcoin tokens will be sent immediately to the investors’ ETH Wallet.

About GIF Tokens’ Distribution

The GIFcoin is an ERC20 token and a smart contract system built on the Ethereum Blockchain. A total of 300,000,000 GIF tokens have been generated, including 10,000,000 sold out in a Private Sale, and 260,000,000 being offered in the ICO. Another 20,000,000 will be shared between the founders of the GIF token, while the remaining 10,000,000 will be generated for advisory, bounty, and PR pools. The unsold GIF that will be created for sale during the ICO will be destroyed. GIF tokens are not mined by users or any other companies.


Benefits for the Early Investors

The Team, consisting of seasoned professionals in online betting, sports affiliate marketing, Blockchain development, branding, marketing, odds, and eSports, has announced the following bonus structure for the early investors. The earlier you invest; the more bonus you will earn:

  • Stage 1 – 60% bonus
  • Stage 2 – 40% bonus
  • Stage 3 – 30% bonus
  • Stage 4 – 20% bonus
  • Stage 5 – 15% bonus
  • Stage 6 – 10% bonus
  • Stage 7 – no bonus

ICO Details

The token price set during the first stage of the ICO is 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF + 60% bonus, with cryptocurrencies being accepted are ETH, BTC, and LTC. The company has set the Soft cap at 5,000 ETH and the Hard cap at 24,000 ETH, with a minimum purchase limit of 0.5 ETH until stage 5. The platform has no maximum purchase limit in place for the ICO participants.

To know more about the platform, participate in its going-on ICO, and earn 60% bonus, please visit You can also access its official White Paper and Lite Paper, or connect to the team via Telegram, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Medium,

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