XRP Utility Fork Launches In December

Ripple has been making headlines a lot this year, despite the global crisis that has been triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm has been making massive efforts to boost the XRP ecosystem, but also to promote the mainstream adoption of the digital asset.

Ripple-backed Flare Network plans to distribute Spark soon

Now, Ripple is in the spotlight again, and the firm Flare Network which is backed by the company, said that it plans to distribute its new token, Spark, based on a snapshot of the XRP Ledger.

XRP investors, excepting Ripple will get the ability to claim one free Spark token for each XRP that they are holding on December 12th – this is the day when the snapshot is scheduled.

With Spark, users will be able to generate returns by using their coins in order to issue and redeem FXRP tokens which are the gas that is running smart contracts on Flare.

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