Vitalik Buterin, founder Ethereum and CZ, CEO Binance sick of twitter scammers changes profile names

The founder of Ethereum and co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, Vitalik Buterin recently changed his Twitter account name to “Vitalik ‘No I’m not giving away ETH’ Buterin.”

Vitalik’s User Name on Twitter

In the recent past, hackers have targeted the crypto-world influencers to rip off active users in the crypto-space. The hackers have hijacked the official profiles of all the cryptocurrencies including the founders’ and influencers’. Every time an announcement is made on any of these profiles, the hackers take over the commenting platform stating that ‘due to this wonderful event/ occasion that has taken place, we are giving out free BTC/ ETH or any other cryptocurrencies’.

In order to make the users believe the transactions are actually happening, the automated bots later reply to the giveaway statement commenting that they actually received coins. Oh, not to mention the ‘interesting gif’s’ along with it.

Tron Foundation Fake Twitter Account

Jack, an employee at Twitter spoke regarding the same on Twitter:

“Yes, We discovered this and are fixing process.”

The scammers have the same username and profile description has the official account. The mechanism of the bots is such that, as soon an announcement is made on the official pages, they start to take over the comments section and a publicise the giveaway.

Scammers taking over the commenting platform

Most of the founders and the official pages make sure to mention that they are not giving away any coins to anyone on a daily basis and sometimes attach the same along with the announcement.

CEO of Binance, CZ has also joined the movement by changing his profile name to, “CZ (I’m not giving crypto away)”


CZ joining the movement

Vitalik in a recent post on Twitter says,

“And no, I am NOT giving away 5000 ETH in honor of this momentous occasion. Go back to the fiery depths of 4Chan (or wherever you are from, I actually have no idea), scammers.

Paul, a crypto-trader who was one of the latest victims of the scam, posted on Twitter regarding the same:

“I make mistake sending 0.4 ETH :(( how I can get them back?”

To which, Trablesi, another investor replied:

“Lesson learned – you have to be more mature from next time kiddo”

Trent, a Twitterati on Vitalik’s movement says:

“You should change your profile picture to include ‘Beware scambots! Look for a blue check next to my name’… then the scambots would have to put that as their profile picture”

This is not the first time Vitalik has taken a move against the scammers. He has posted several times regarding the same.

One of his movement against the scammer says:

“Time that it takes scammers to copy my new profile picture: 10 minutes.


One of his followers, Yucan questioned him:

“Are these promotions fraudulent?”

To which Vitalik says,

“Yes. All of them. Don’t trust anyone who asks you for ETH on twitter.

While all the founders are doing their best to avoid further scam taking place, Twitter still hasn’t taken a solid action against these scams.

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